Does the Perfect Triple Pushchair Exist?


If you’ve found this website, the chances are you’re looking for a triple pushchair because you either have or are expecting triplets, have a toddler with twins on the way, or have a third baby coming along and already have two little ones – whatever the reason you’ve come here: congratulations! If, like me, the thought of transporting three kids fills you both with mild panic and a slight sense of dread, then you’ve come to the right place.

When I was myself researching triple pushchairs, I found that so many websites were aimed towards either single or twin babies – there’s very little out there specifically for parents of triplets or parents of three very young children (even on retailing sites, the majority of triple pushchairs are categorized under ‘twin pushchairs’).  So I’ve created this website to help you find the perfect triple pushchair to meet your very specific needs.

The good news is that there aren’t that many triple models on the market to confuse you; and it helps that some models are only suitable for certain situations. Given these decreased options, and the fact that you’ll have a lot of things to organise with three babies, it makes sense to make your research as specific as you can to avoid wasting time. So to start with, lets look at the basic criteria that you will have to consider before anything else.

Age: how old are your children going to be when they need the pushchair?  Not all triple pushchairs are suitable from birth.  Some are only suitable from three months, so if you’re expecting triplets what exactly are you going to do for the first three months, stay at home? On the other hand, those pushchairs that are suitable from 3 months may be the ideal solution for a holiday pushchair (you will, I’m sure be needing a holiday!).

There are also a couple of pushchairs on the market which are specifically designed for families with twins and a toddler, so it’s easy to discount those ones if you need all three seats to accommodate three newborns.

Another age related question is how long the pushchair will meet your needs – most triple pushchairs are OK to use until the age of 3, but there is one I have found which will go right up to 4 years!

Safety: all pushchairs should meet UK quality standards, but it pays to be sure.  Make sure that the seats have a 5-point harness to keep your little ones safely in place, and then look to see if there are features within the chassis that make it easy to fold and handle. Also of particular importance with triple pushchairs, which are necessarily weightier than single ones, are the brakes; check that they are strong and lockable – the last thing you want is to be chasing a pushchair that has gotten away from you!

Usability: how well will the pushchair work for you? Is it easy to manoeuvre, can it get through doors, and is it ergonomically designed? You may find, that if you plan to use your pushchair a lot in urban environments that this is an overriding criteria – it may mean going for a tandem style triple pushchair where the seats are lined up one I front of the other as opposed to side by side. What size and weight is the pushchair – some are heavier than others, but more durable. What about the wheels – are they swivel or fixed, suitable for off-road, air-filled or solid?  Other important considerations will be how easily and compactly your triple pushchair folds; whether all or just some of the seats can fully recline; whether there is the possibility to convert the pushchair into a travel system with the addition of car seats and carrycots; and finally how easy it is to clean?

Added extras:  a triple pushchair can be a fairly costly investment, so what other bonuses are included? Does it have a shopping basket, rain covers, hoods, foot muffs? Will you have to buy other items such as car seats and carrycots separately to make the pushchair up into a travel system?

As you can see there is a lot to consider.  So, now read my reviews of the main triple pushchair categories to see which pushchair meets your requirements.